Bruce's first introduction to live performing came at age 9 and again at age 16 he played and sang on live radio. At 17 he spent the summer in Florida with the Versailairs where Scott and Danny were recording with Brenda Lee.

He also had several parts in Stud Turkel's Working at the Drake. He danced for several years on Tchaikowsky's The Nut Kracker.

Formed a group called Cinnamen with Pete from from Shawdows of Night, Buddy from Buddy and the Citations and Joe from Skip and the Dukes. All had recordings on Billboard's Top 40.

Later started Music Corporation Orchestra with Jim Beverly, his wife Sara and Eleanor, another recording artist.

Studied at Players Work Shop of Second City where he and Jim teamed up to do stand up comedy.

Jim was active for many years in the show groups Dave Major and the Minors and then Onstage Majority.

Not only is he an excellent drummer and singer, he also has a great comedic wit and skill. He is a graduate of Players Workshop of Second City where he honed his improvisation skills. Jim loves the audience participation part of the program.  He believes that everyone should have "fun" during our performances!

Performing for thousands of people during those years has helped Jim gain an awareness for "reading an audience." This ability, coupled with his vast knowledge of music, enables him to present music that pleases the audience.

Roger started playing the drums in 3rd grade. From there he majored in music at Northwestern University. His specially is percussion, with the vibes being his major instrument.

He met Jim Beverly in Junior High and has worked with him in the show groups Dave Major and the Minors and the Onstage Majority.

He also performed with Henry Mancini, Sammy Davis Jr., Mel Torme, Steve Allen, Vic Damone, Liza Minelli and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

He also toured and recorded with the Dick Schory Percussion Pops Orchestra.

For several years in the 70's he wrote and recorded many TV and Radio commercials including Marlboro, Kellogs, Sears, Jewel Foods and the Wild Kingdom Theme.

Dan began playing in the late sixites on trumpet and keyboards. He studied music at the college level in the seventies. Upon graduation he was employed as a music teacher in the Chicago Public Schools and the Archdiocese of Chicago.

He continues to perform in various churches and restaurants in the Chicago land area. Among the various venues he has performed in are The Pump Room in Chicago, Carnival Cruise Lines and the Palmer House in Chicago.

He enjoys accompanying and performing for shows and hopes to continue doing so in the future.

Dan's major instrument has always been the trumpet. He has worked with Johnny Kaye Orchestra, Moonlighters Orchestra, the Don Sadowsky Revolutionary Swing Band and the Sicilian Band of Chicago.